Names of Companies to Start Competing for the Concession Tender in the Port of Kherson Announced

Two Ukrainian and two international companies have been allowed to participate in the concession tender of the state stevedore’s assets in the port of Kherson. The great interest of investors in the pilot concession project testifies to the quality of the technical documentation and the transparency of the tender process, supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure, EBRD, IFC, USPA and SPILNO office. The investors will have 35 days to submit amendments to their own financial proposals, upon which a winning company will be decided on by mid-January 2020.
The companies to participate in the concession tender include:
• Busserk Liman İşletme Loj. Hizm. LTD.ŞTİ Company (Turkey);
• Special Sea Port of Kherson Company LLC (consortium of a Ukrainian port operator of Ascet Shipping LLC – 40% – and a Ukrainian grain trader of Global Green LLC – 60%);
• Risoil-Kherson LLC (a consortium of PETRO OIL AND CHEMICALS LLC – 60%, which is part of GeorgianindustrialGroup group of companies and Ukrainian port operator RISOILS.A. JSC (Switzerland) – 40%;
• LLC UKRMORPORT (a consortium of KREMENCHUTSKY RIVER PORT PJSC – 10%, subsidiary enterprise YURAN LLC and DP YUROL LLC – 40%, which is related to the Ukrainian port operator of Odesa Brroklyn-Kyiv port and JUSTICE & LO LLC – 50%).