Regarding the Prospects of the Concession Project in the Port of Berdyansk

On May 6, 2020 the Advisor to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Mr. Viktor Dovgan’s a review of the prospects of the concession project in the port of Berdyansk has been published (for now a preliminary feasibility study of the project of the development of the Berdyansk sea trade port has been elaborated by the Ministry of Infrastructure jointly with European experts), in particular on the expected effects of its implementation:
“…Most likely, the exports of grain and clay should remain the main source for the development of the market of cargo handling in the Berdyansk port. It is expected that the volumes of relevant cargo flows will grow by 2-3% over the next 10 years or sooner in the case of providing by the “Ukrzaliznytsya” JSC a discount on railway transportation to the Azov Sea ports, which will increase the competitiveness compared to the Black Sea ports of Ukraine. Besides, it is expected that a range of new cargoes, especially petroleum products and fertilizers, will be attracted, however their turnover volumes will be limited. The return of coal and ore cargoes to the Berdyansk sea port is not anticipated”.
“The concession of the port of Berdyansk is an opportunity to attract investments to the region, which has suffered most from the annexation of the Crimea and the war in the Donbas region, to develop port infrastructure and increase turnover and create new jobs”.

Source: Center for Transport Strategies (CTS)