Lease of the berth No. 38 of Yuzhny Branch of SE “USPA”

of the project

Lease of berth No. 38 of Yuzhny Branch of SE “USPA” is considered for the purpose of servicing vessels, loading and unloading cargoes


Year of construction – 1988
Length – 130,1 m, (including the berth – 50,5 m, the northern coastal fortification – 29,2 m, the southern coastal fortification – 50,4 m)
Specialization – bulk and general cargoes

Technical condition and required works

Satisfactory, needs repair works, year of last repair – 2010

Other characteristics

Expected results
of the project

Development of berthing infrastructure in order to create favorable conditions for increasing the processing of cargo.

Cost of project
implementation and other
financial indicators

Determined by project documentation

Form of implementation

Lease mechanism in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (for more details –

Stakeholders involved
in project implementation

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, SE «Ukraine Sea Ports Authority»

Project coordinators