Berdyansk Maritime Terminal “AGRIA”
PJSC “Berdyansk plant of lifting and transport equipment” and the project of further development by means of simultaneous accumulation of grain and grain cargoes up to 100 thousand tons and bringing annual turnover up to 2 million tons.


Creation of a highly efficient, profitable marine terminal for the transshipment of grain and grain cargoes on the basis of existing berths of the Berdyansk seaport, which should meet the needs of grain traders and agricultural producers in reduction costs for exporting by means of transport logistics.

The project started in 2017 by reconstruction and reequipment of machine building capacities for the production of lifting and transport equipment in a transhipment complex, preparing the territory for the placement of the maritime terminal and ensuring the needs of the total design capacity in engineering networks and office premises.

The land plot of 3.13 hectares is registered with the Act of permanent land use.
At the same time measures were taken to implement the Law of Ukraine “On Sea Ports of Ukraine” in order to include in the list of Ukrainian port operators and access rights to berths of the seaport of Berdyansk. Agreement No. 161-P-AMPU-17 of 20.12.2017 was signed with the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Port Authority” to ensure the access of PJSC “BZPTO” to berths No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 of Berdyansk seaport.

The distance from the terminal to the berths from 65 to 300 meters
The terminal has direct access to road transport on the territory of the port, which has equipment for controlling the background radiation of the cargo and vehicle.
The terminal has its own railway track connected to the Berdyansk railway station and the port.

Current throughput capacity is up to 600 tons per year and simultaneous accumulation up to 100 thousand tons.

List of works
to perform

Construction work are determined with design documentation

Current condition
of the facility

Obtained urban planning requirements and restrictions.
A positive conclusion from the State Construction Expertise was obtained.
The terminal began to carry out cargo loading and unloading operations with vessels of tonnage up to 18,700 tons.
A warehouse with capacity of 10 thousand tons was built.
Temporary technology of receiving, storing and loading vessels was implemented.

Basic technical characteristics

Transshipment complex of grain cargoes:
– a warehouse for 10 thousand tons;
– laboratory and express laboratory of research of chemical and physical indicators of grain cargoes;
– automobile scales 80 tons – 2 pcs;
– automobile discharger RAP – 60 tons;
– mobile carloader PBM-180 tons / hour;
– telescopic conveyors Breston 600 – 1000 t / hour – 3pcs;
– Monittou loader;
– LuiGong CLG 856H loader;
– JCB416 loader;
– mobile equipment for telescopic conveyors;
– other loading equipment – 20 units;
– mobile port radio stations – 11 pcs .;
Special equipment provides loading up to 8 thousand tons per day.

Basic technical characteristics of the development of the terminal “AGRIA”:
– the project technology of grain transloading involves modern mechanized vehicles;
– simultaneous accumulation of goods up to 100 thousand tons;
– loading rate up to 12 thousand tons per day.

Project implementation beneficiaries


Sustainable business in a rapidly growing industry
Ability to increase transshipment capacities up to 2 million tons per year
The intensity of ships handling up to 12 thousand tons per day
High project profitability.
Creating up to 50 job places.

Sea Ports

The benefits from an efficient use of port infrastructure.


Increase in revenues coming to budgets of different levels
Development of the sea economy complex

Other characteristics

Project implementation
cost and other
financial indicators

Private investment in the amount of $ 5 million

Project implementation

2018-2020 years

Implementation form

Private partnership

Project implementation
interested parties

Mininfrastructure of Ukraine, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”, private domestic and foreign investors

Project Coordinator

Terminal “Agria” (BSRPT)
Valery Cherkaska
+38 067 617 34 97

Placement mapping