Concession project of the railway-ferry complex State Enterprise “Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port”


The railway-ferry complex is a separate structural subdivision of the state enterprise “Sea Commercial Port” Chornomorsk “, being the only terminal in Ukraine specialising in the servicing of railway and auto-ferry lines, as well as ro-ro-type vessels

The option of transferring the railway-ferry complex with berths №№ 26, 27, 28 with the total area of 36.86 hectares, as the only property complex, to the investor-company is being considered under terms of concession agreement for the reconstruction, re-equipment and further operation

List of works
to perform

Modernisation of existing capacities of railway-ferry complex

Current condition
of the facility

A steady business, which requires little capital investment, has additional capacity to increase traffic and significant potential for increasing operational efficiency as well as the development of additional services

Primary technical characteristics

Specialisation – multimodal complex

Annual capacity of the terminal:
– 4.5 million tons in railway cars
– 35,000 trucks
– 250,000 passenger cars

Warehouse capacity:
– Warehouse area № 25 – 125,000 m²
– Warehouse area 26 – 12,000 m²

Berths specification

BerthLengthDepthCargo type
№ 26210 m8.9 mwagons, trucks, general cargo, containers
№ 27210 m9.6 mwagons, trucks, general cargo, containers
№ 28270 m9,0 mcars, trucks, general

Project implementation beneficiaries


Possibility of long-term management of public assets
Benefit from an effective use of existing assets and related infrastructure given to concession
Possibility to build new facilities

Sea Ports

Increased revenues from port duties and other services due to the increase in the number of ship calls to the port

Sea Port”

Operational activity optimisation


Increase in revenues coming to budget of different levels (tax payment, concession payments)
Efficient public property management
Sea economy complex development

Other characteristics

Project implementation
cost and other
financial indicators

Determined with project documentation and feasibility studies

Project implementation

Determined with project documentation and feasibility studies

Implementation form

Public private partnership (concession)

Project implementation
interested parties

Ministry of Infrastructure, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”, State Enterprise “Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port”

Placement mapping