Investment opportunities in Izmail port

We invite investors wishing to cooperate fostering the Izmail sea port development

An attractive investment project can consist in the development of passenger transportation infrastructure, efficient management of the river passenger station. In the long term, we consider the possible transferring to concession of the State Enterprise “Izmail Commercial Sea Port”, which is currently engaged in stevedoring activities.

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sea port

The Izmail sea port is located on the left bank of the Kilian mouth between 84 and 94 km of the Danube River (town of Izmail, Odessa region). Vessels passage to the port is carried out through the Sulyn Canal or through the deep-water navigable channel “Danube – Black Sea” on the Ukrainian section of the river Danube.

The seaport mooring line is 2.6 km (24 berths and 5 banks) with maximum depths of 8 m.

The seaport is serviced with one r/w station bearing the three exit railroads The port is linked to automobile roads.

The seaport’s cargo turnover in 2019 made 4,3 million tons. Seaport terminals capacity reaches 9.3 million tons. The existing passenger complex capacity covers 0.15 mln passengers per year.

8 m


2,6 km




4,3 mln tons

cargo turnover
in 2019

Statistics of USPA and Izmail seaport operation in figures and charts