Concession project: property of State Enterprise “Stevedoring Company “Olvia”


A concession tender relating to transferring into concession assets of State Enterprise “Stevedoring Company “Olvia”, located on the left bank of the Southern Bug River, with easy access to the open sea and inland waterway systems, has been finalized. “SЕ “Olvia” is located at a close range to the leading metallurgical and agricultural regions of Ukraine.

Investment Opportunity Teaser

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List of works
to perform

The project envisages the possibility of reconstruction, modernisation of existing facilities and construction of new port terminals

The possibility of building new berths and dredging is foreseen

Current condition
of the facility

Stevedoring company for handling loading and unloading and servicing of sea and river vessels, uses 7 berths, with a total length of 1.53 km

Free territory within the stevedoring company for the implementation of ‘greenfield’ projects

Project implementation beneficiaries


Possibility of long-term management of public assets
Benefit from an effective use of existing assets and related infrastructure given to concession
Possibility to build new facilities

Sea Ports

Increased revenues from port duties and other services due to the increase in the number of ship calls to the port


Operational activity optimisation
Increase of traffic


Increase in revenues coming to budget of different levels (tax payment, concession payments)
Efficient public property management
Sea economy complex development

Other characteristics

Implementation form

Public private partnership (concession)

Project implementation
interested parties

Ministry of Infrastructure, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”, State Enterprise “Olvia” Stevedoring Company, private investors

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