Reconstruction of berth No. 7 in Reni sea port


Reconstruction of berth No. 7 with a total length of 83 m., to create new handling capacities for grain and food cargoes

Works to be completed:

Reconstruction of berth No. 7 according to the final design

Current status of the project (facility)

Is not used

Key technical features

Profile – handling of grain and food cargoes

Storage sites – no
Running rail tracks – 3
Rear crane track on piles

Characteristics of berths

BerthLengthDepthType of cargo
No. 783.0 m.2.3 mgrain

Beneficiaries of the project


– opportunity to manage state-owned assets for a long time
– opportunity to reconstruct the existing capacities to increase cargo handling
– benefits from the efficient use of the existing assets and related infrastructure

“Ukrainian Sea
Ports Authority”

– increase in revenues from port dues and other services due to the increase in the number of vessel calls at the port

State Enterprise “Reni Commercial Sea Port”

– optimization of operating activities


– increase in revenues to budgets of different levels (tax payments, concession payment)
– efficient state property management
– development of marine complex

Other characteristics

Cost of project
implementation and
other financial indicators

Shall be developed by a design documentation

implementation term


Form of implementation

Public-private partnership, lease or other forms

Parties interested
in project implementation

The Ministry of Infrastructure, USPA, SE Reni Commercial Sea Port, a private investor