Construction of a specialised reloading complex for bulk cargoes and reconstruction of the complex of berths №№5 – 8 in ‘Pivdennyi’ seaport


Construction of a specialised transhipment complex for bulk cargoes is a complex project, which can be divided into two parts:
– construction of coastal and berthing infrastructure will be carried out at the expense of the investor in the framework of public-private partnership
– the reconstruction of hydrotechnical structures (berths №№ 5, 6, 7, 8) will be carried out at the expense of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” or borrowed funds

The project objective is to increase the volume and speed of re-loading of export bulk cargoes entering the port by railway and which are being loaded onto sea vessels (berths №№ 5, 6), as well as imported bulk cargoes, arriving at the port by sea and shipped onto the railway transport (berths №№ 7, 8)

List of works
to perform

Reconstruction of the transhipment complex existing capacities

Current condition
of the facility

Project capacity of the railway station – 12 pairs of trains
Maximum volume of cargo processing (2015) – 15.046 million tons/year

Primary technical characteristics

Specialised multipurpose transhipment complex

Warehouse capacity:
– Warehouse №1 (back area №№ 5, 6) –2,400.0 thousand tons
– Warehouse №2 (berths №№ 5, 6) – 920.0 thousand tons
– Warehouse №3 (berths №№ 7, 8) – 180.0 thousand tons

Berths specification

BerthLengthDesigned depthMain specialisation
№5385 m21.0 mexport: iron ore pellets, IOC, coal
№6370 m21.0 mexport: iron ore pellets, IOC, coal
№7345 m19,0 mimport: coal
№8250 m17.0 mimport: coal

Project implementation beneficiaries


Possibility of long-term management of public assets
Possibility to increase transhipment capacities to 34 million tons per year (export – 24.0 million tons/year, import – 10.0 million tons/year)
Possibility to receive and handle ships with a carrying capacity of up to 250 thousand tons to full draft at the berth wall.
Benefit from an effective use of existing assets and related infrastructure

Sea Ports

Increased revenues from port duties and other services due to the increase in the number of ship calls to the port
Berth infrastructure development

Sea Port

Operational activity optimisation


Increase in revenues coming to budget of different levels (taxes payment, compulsory payments)
Efficient public property management
Sea economy complex development

Other characteristics

Project implementation
cost and other
financial indicators

Determined with design documentation

Project implementation

Determined with design documentation

Implementation form

Public private partnership

Project implementation
interested parties

Ministry of Infrastructure, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority”, State Enterprise ‘Commercial Sea Port ‘Pivdennyi’

Placement mapping