Construction of the General Transshipment Terminal, which consists of 3 terminals in Pivdennyi Seaport (berths №№38, 38/1, 38/2)


Creation of the high-efficient profitable General Transshipment Terminal on the basis of berth №38 of Pivdennyi Seaport is going to meet the demand of export and import components of the enterprise and to engage in cooperation the extraneous cargo owners

General Transshipment Terminal (GTT), which consists of 3 terminals with different designed purpose is a unique investment project of TechAgro company, which is going to become one of the most promising and modern projects in Pivdennyi Seaport development programme, with Complex projected capacity of 10 mln tons per year

The main production facilities of General Transshipment Terminal will be located in the territory of 80 ha

The front apron of the General Transshipment Terminal will consist of the berths №38/1 and №38/2 with total area of approximately 700 m. and the calculated depth near the berth – 17,0-18,0 m

The prospective annual cargo turnover will come up to 10 mln tons per year for the wide range of cargo types

List of works
to perform

Preparatory works
Terminals’ construction
Coastal reinforcement
Dredging works
Construction and arrangement of berths

Commissioning of the first stage consisting of a grain terminal, berth 38/1 and berthing facilities is planned in 2021

The commissioning of the second stage consisting of a general cargo terminal and a container terminal, berth 38/2 and berthing facilities is planned in 2023

Current condition
of the facility

Land-use planning
The purpose of the land was changed
The purpose of the water fund lands was changed
Long-term lease agreements of the land parcels
City-planning calculation of the architecture object
Project development status

Primary technical characteristics

Multifunctional Transshipment Complexes

  • Grain terminal [berth №38/1]:
    land area – 35.3 ha
    length of berth – 300 m
  • Container terminal [berth №38]:
    land area – 18.1 ha
    shares the berth №38/2
  • General cargo terminal [berth №38/2]:
    land area – 26.4 ha
    length of berth – 400 m

Berth characteristic (project)

BerthTransshipment capacityLand areaSpecialization
№382,3 mln tons/year18.1 haThe application of the model of terminal technical operation, following the example of the Netherlands ports Availability of refrigerating machinery for fruits and vegetables storage during transportation by 220-foot containers
№38/15,5 mln tons/year35.3 haFlour milling Sunflower seed processing
№38/22,2 mln tons/year26.4 haThree warehouses of 400 thousand tons each Type of goods: - coal; - ore; - pellets; - sand and crushed stone; - general cargoes Serving vessels with DW up to 150-200 thousand tons

Project implementation beneficiaries


Stable, promising business in the area which is rapidly developing
Possibility to increase handling capacity up to 10,000,000 tons per year
Ability to accommodate and serve the vessels with DW up to 150-200 thousand tons
High profitability of the project due to the location of the site (minimum costs for vessels presentation and cleaning)

Sea Ports

The construction of a modern berthing and port infrastructure in the water area of the port “Pivdennyi” – the provision of utilities connection, treatment facilities installation and the railway construction
Increase in revenues from port dues and other services due to increase in the number of vessels
Creation of 250 new workplaces, preparation and specialists training


The adopted concept of territories’ development and a front apron, considering its own cargo base, will make it possible to create a high-efficient and profitable General Transshipment Terminal capable of meeting the demand of export and import components of the enterprise and engaging in cooperation the extraneous cargo owners
Get a multiplicative effect for the Pivdennyi Seaport development
Attract private foreign investment for the Ukrainian port infrastructure development
Enable the increase of taxes and other cash receipts in different level budgets

Other characteristics

Project implementation
cost and other
financial indicators

Private investments in the amount of 200-250 mln USD

Project implementation


Implementation form

Public-private partnership

Project implementation
interested parties

Ministry of Infrastructure, State Enterprise « Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority», private foreign investors

Project coordinators

TechAgro LLC
Vyacheslav Boyalskyi
mob. +380 67 518 78 65

Placement mapping