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Reni Sea Port is located on the river Danube (town Of Reni Odessa region) at the Ukrainian, Romanian and Moldovan borders junction, at the intersection of international transport corridors. The Reni seaport territory includes part of the fenced coastal strip (on the left bank Of Danube, starting from 123.6 km up to 128.3 km of the river Danube. Connection with the Black Sea is carried out through the main ship’s passage of the “Bystre” estuary and the Sulinsky canal

Seaport berth line is 3.6 km (30 berths) with maximum depth of up to 7.5 m.

The total length of access tracks located on the sea port territory is 21.4 km, adjacent to and serviced by the Reni station railways making part to the regional branch of “Odessa Railways” OJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”

The seaport’s cargo turnover in 2018 made 1,3 million tons. Seaport terminals capacity reaches 8.0 million tons per year.

7,5 m


3,6 km




1,3 mln tons

cargo turnover
in 2018

Statistics of USPA and Reni seaport operation in figures and charts