Investment Projects in Skadovsk port

We invite investors wishing to cooperate fostering the Skadovsk sea port development

Possible variants of free port territories development, new berths designing and construction in order to increase the rear territories and their further development, development of storage facilities in the state enterprise “Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port”.

In the long term, we consider the possible privatisation of the State Enterprise “Skadovsk Commercial Sea Port”, which is currently engaged in stevedoring activities.

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The sea port of Skadovsk is located on the northern shore of the Dzharylgac Bay of the Black Sea (town of Skadovsk, Kherson region)

Seaport berth line is 0.8 km (5 berths) with maximum depth of up to 6 m.

The land connection with the seaport is carried out only by motor transport.

The seaport’s cargo turnover in 2018 made 0.008 million tons. Seaport terminals capacity reaches 1.3 million tons per year.

6 m


0,8 km




0,008 mln tons

cargo turnover
in 2018

Statistics of work of USPA and seaport Skadovsk in figures and charts